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For almost a decade Techsauce has been at the forefront of cultivating Thailand’s technology and startup ecosystem. The founders of Techsauce have always had a strong conviction in the potential of Thailand playing a bigger role in the global stage in supporting startups and connecting Asia to the global community.

Over the past years, Techsauce has cemented its presence in Southeast Asia as a reliable source of information on technology and startup, along with providing a platform for people to connect with one another. It offers easy access to up-to-date information on startup ecosystems and the latest updated news both in Thailand and abroad on its website, Techsauce has successfully built a community of people who exchange insights both through articles and online conversations on various social media platforms.

Techsauce is known both in Thailand and globally as a key driver of Thailand’s startup ecosystem that has successfully connected the kingdom to the global market.  Techsauce has a large following on both its Thai and international Facebook pages, techsauceTH and techsauce Global.  The company has also extended its presence to other platforms, such as Twitter, Line Official Account, Tiktok, and Clubhouse.  The company continues to strive to improve and seek out new solutions to deliver quality content that is easily accessible to everyone.

Techsauce is honored to be the leading content provider of tech and business news in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We are also proud to be the organizer of Thailand’s first tech conference and digital platform that is recognized and respected worldwide by experts in various fields.