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How to use the website

What do graphs on Techsauce website show you?


  • ‘Overview of Thai Startup Funding: Volume and Value of Deals” (on the homepage) shows you the number of startups’ funding in Thailand as well as their status from the seed round onwards.
  • “Thailand’s Tech Startup Total Fundraising” displays the total fundraising valuation of every investment deal, from Seed round onwards.
  • Graphs and number boxes do not include the following activities. However, users can access these activities via the filter tool mentioned below or on the individual startup page.
    • Merge and Acquired
    • ICO
    • Bridge Round (Except notable deals recommended by the Techsauce Team)
    • Fundraising Before Pre-seed Phrase
  • The pie chart displays the number of startups categorized according to the industry they are in as recorded on the website’s database.

How does the ‘Filter’ function work?


  • – The overview table can be displayed in 3 filter categories.
    • Year: Displays startups that fundraised in the year(s) selected.
    • Industry: Displays startups in the industry(ies) selected.
    • Status: Displays the fundraising status of startup(s).
  • Users are able to filter more than one category at a time.
  • Tables typically show 5 values.  They are: 

    1. Startup: Indicates the startup’s name.  (It is linked to the startup’s main profile page.)
    2. Industry: Indicates the startup’s industry. 
    3. Status: Indicates the fundraising status of the startup.  (Can be filtered by year, displaying the startup’s status in the year selected.)
    4. Investor: Indicates the number of investors who invested in the startup. 

How can individual startups or investors be accessed?

 There are 2 ways that users can access individual startups or investors.

  • Users can use the search tab, which allows you to search by name.
  • Users can use the deal table on the homepage. Users can click on the startup’s name or investor’s name to access the individual startup and investor.


How does Techsauce source its information?

  • Information on each deal shown in the Techsauce Startup Directory is sourced from fundraising news published by startups or investors. Information is also obtained via direct communication with startup founders, investors, or other stakeholders.
  • Startup information is aggregated from startups based in Thailand that have been founded by either Thais or foreigners. They are owned by active Thai founders who are either headquartered in Thailand or abroad.
  • Techsauce categorizes its information into 24 industries by grouping the industry based on each startup’s business activities.


The report aims to reflect facts that happened inside Thailand’s startup ecosystem. The information is gathered from various reliable sources such as press conferences, news updates, interviews, and so on. We do not include speculations or rumors as our references.

In addition, we do not receive financial incentives from the organizations, startups, companies or individuals listed in the report.

The report has been made with no intention to promote or diminish certain organizations, startups, companies, or individuals in particular.

In each quarter, our team selects the information that we believe would be beneficial to our readers. We see this report as a tool to raise awareness and help educate readers about the startup ecosystem in Thailand.

Since there were so many things that occurred inside Thailand’s startup ecosystem, it is possible that our team could not gather all information completely or with perfect accuracy. We apologize beforehand for such situation and please feel free to contact us in case that the readers have updated information.